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Why #Lyfie

#Lyfie helps you keep track of all the great moments in your life. It separates your awesome from your mundane and displays those awesome moments for you so you can always remember them.


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I originally started building #Lyfie for my kids. They play sports, volunteer for charities and take part in a lot of cool stuff. A lot of their activities will help them later when they are going to apply to college, but I am positive it will be hard for them to remember all the details and all of their experiences.

Their schools encourage them to keep track of all their community service hours and projects, etc... but it's tedious to write all this stuff down. They're always on Instagram so I thought I could build a site that could use their Instagram data and categorize all of the “good stuff” and separate that data from all of the social media noise.

Tags rock, so I thought I could get my kids to Instagram their “good Stuff” and tag it with a #tag we could search for later.

As I was building this, I realized everyone has to deal with social media noise. We post our mundane moments as well as our awesome moments all together online. And everything gets jumbled and lost.

Not anymore! #Lyfie fixes that and lets us save our magic moments, so we can enjoy them forever.

Enjoy #Lyfie and tell your friends to use #Lyfie too!